Risk-Reward Sharing Relationship (RRSR)
Conventional outsourcing model (T&M, Fixed) do not address the risk factor, here the vendor gets paid irrespective of product performance. Many ISVs have started realizing importance of a partner who can put his skin in the game, augment revenues and share the risk of the present volatile marketplace.

VBS Technologies shares the vision of its partner and uses its dedicated, innovative and intellect driven strategies to augment revenues. Sharing risk and reward results in a win-win proposition for both parties. This revolutionary business model has value much beyond standard off shoring – and ushers in a new era in Global Collaborative Innovation.

The market adjacencies can be geographical, customer segment technological/functional or vertical adjacencies. The mandate of VBS’s RRSR is to help our partners successfully exploit these adjacencies to increase their product revenues in a risk-reward sharing model.

Partnership based on the fundamental of risk-reward sharing for a threat management product

VBS Offers:
Complete end-to-end ownership of Research, Development and Support